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Advisory Services

Getting another pair of eyes on the prize might be just what your organization needs.  A fresh look from a seasoned professional with over four decades in multiple industry segments.  You’ll benefit from time tested knowledge, skills, and disciplines proven to deliver higher margins and more discretionary time to pursue precisely what you and your organization need.  Don’t see what you want?  Let’s customize it


Margin Optimization

I'm your margin maximizer! No nonsense application of almost 40 years of engineering, business management, and common sense to real world solutions. 


Business Cycle Planning for Margin Maximization

Focused on linking your already complete strategy to corporate action plans to execute. Efforts will produce a very clear product of who does what, when, with what expected results. Included will be the identification of the right levers of control that get results. Plus, what activities are needed to move the measure needed to maximize margins.


Strategic Planning for Margin Maximization

A process-based approach that will align corporate capability with opportunities in your market. Action plans that work for you comprehensively address what you need to.


Business Valuation

It's more straightforward than you think. Let me show you how. Making sure a business value range is sensible takes some hard work, more so it takes honesty.


Acquisition Execution and Merger Planning

You will be working with a guy that's bought and sold companies. I've learned from the bad deals so you don't have to. I've made money on the good deals and I'll show you the way.


Family Business Advisory and Transition Planning

Families are families - and business is in fact business. They cross in so many organizations. Businesses still need sound fundamentals and professionalism to endure the savage pressures of the market


Speaking Events & Conferences

Does your organization just need to hear what's going on from another source? Are you stuck or stagnant in working to move toward objectives - does a department or even the entire company need some push?


Not seeing what 
you're looking for?

Let’s find what needs improvement.  Sometimes a simple adjustment can do wonders.  Other situations call for major change.  We'll find the combination both inside and outside the workplace, the best and comprehensive plan of action regardless of the sources of the pain.  

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