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It’s simple. Are you working to improve your performance? In your career? With your relationships? In your favorite sport? With an instrument? A new language? An area of interest? For the benefit of your organization? For the benefit of your loved ones? For the pure enjoyment of it all?

The first differentiator of Fit Professionals from others is their relentless pursuit of improvement in what’s supremely important to them. The process of improvement in one target area of their life spills over to positively impact other aspects of their life. Through the process they are becoming more than they were. Mind, body, and spirit are impacted. Pursuit starting in one of these three basic human components impacts the other two. The improvement in the two other areas’ then move the target area to a better spot, and so on. So, start somewhere. And if you have started, continue.

The second differentiator of a Fit Professional from others is their commitment to lifelong improvement. They realize obtainment of one improvement objective opens doors to others. This aspect excites them and motivates them to become all they can be. There is no right or wrong pace, but only the pace that is right to deliver their best life with the improvements which mean the most to them.

And the last differentiator I’ll mention in this short version of ‘Are You a Fit Professional?’ is Fit Professionals make sacrifices and endure hardship on purpose. Exactly on the purpose for which they are seeking improvement. They are purposeful and focused. They are intentional in their actions. They say no to many events and people. They do the hard things. They have a bigger purpose than themselves and they are aligned with it in mind, body, and spirit.

There are other attributes, but these are the basics. I’m guessing if you’d read this far you are a Fit Professional and are looking for that edge in knowledge, skills or additional disciplines that will propel you toward your personal best more quickly and with more certainty. If you are looking for that edge, maybe I can assist. There are no shortcuts; so, keep at it. And if you decide you need some coaching, training, or support of some sort along the way, whether it be personal, career, or business related, contact me. Let’s get to work!

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