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Who is TheFitProfessional1?

Meet Paul Ayres

Active business owner, entrepreneur, coach, advisor, consultant, inventor, author, podcaster, family man, athlete, and motivational speaker.

I am a professional business owner, leader, coach, and consultant. I am a fit professional, athlete, and student of optimal human performance in all things business and life. My passion is the science and art of business and how business through people creates and sustains margin; not just the margin on your financial statements, but also the off-book margin that creates my stakeholder's best life. I'll find more margin and I'll rescue your time TM. I'm the Margin Doctor TM. Let's get to work.


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What is your pain? What's causing underperformance?
Missing valuable opportunities?

If you're like a lot of business professionals & owners, it's likely one of the big three.


Margin Problems causing your pain?

So many opportunities! So many needs! Or is it just simply making payroll next month? Have you created the money machine that you need to sustain your business? It all starts with margin! TheFitProfessional1 is a Margin Doctor. Let's diagnose precisely where to optimize operations for maximum margin!


Team Problems causing your pain?

Wait a minute, people are supposed to be our most important resource! Doesn't seem that way? Not there yet? Stuck somehow with a team issue? Culture seems askew? Or is the team just not to the expectation? There is, and can be so much more, lets get a plan of action that leads to a durable solution.


Time Problems causing your pain?

The most precious resource is the one we typically don’t master! Time is a given for all of us. How do certain people seemingly utilize time perfectly, and others struggle with the endless list of things to do and opportunities to take advantage of? Let me help you rescue your time and create precisely that life you’re looking for!

Something Else?

Business is complex. Life is full of challenges. They must work together to create your best life. Let's find what needs improvement. Sometimes a simple adjustment can do wonders. Other situations call for major change. We'll find the combination both inside and outside the workplace. The best and most comprehensive plan of action regardless of the sources of the pain.

Don't see what you want? Let's customize it!


You went through the pain, now let's get some gain.


Margin is the secret sauce. It fuels everything. No margin, no future. Maximized margin fuels the furture, concurs the obstacles, executes on all opportunities, is the primary source of sustainability, provides peace of mind, grows confidence, creates winners and ensures success.


Results! That's what we get! It's clear who does what, by when, with what expected result! Utilization of time is spot on aligned with mission and objectives. Understanding of what needs to be done is clear and plans of action seem to magically appear, get done, and have a maximum positive impact on margins. Energy is good and contagious. Everything gets done.


Finally, the project is done, the list is completed, and the opportunity is secured! It's going to be a great weekend! Family, sport, fun, and rest on a track, and career canvas is full of possibilities! Rescued time goes from where it was spent to where you want it invested.


It’s time to set that personal best (PB) in your favorite athletic pastime, hobby, or challenge! It’s time to have your best weekends, months, and years with family. It’s time to enjoy all the benefits of an energized body, a motivated mind, and a determined spirit. Direct the power of it all back at precisely 
those levers controlling your best life. All those opportunities? Just a matter of time before success propels you onward.


Let’s get to work.

Work with TheFitProfessional1
to take your business to the next level.
You won't want to stop there.

Working with a talented business coach is your first step toward huge growth for your business, a more productive team, a successful career, and your best-fit life.  Get after it!  Let’s get to work!

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Real value creation through measurable results increases your margins and rescues your time.

Results are what matters.  When you invest in your future through TheFitProfessional1 products and services, you must get a positive return.  Not an ambiguous idea, but actionable procedures, tools, and advice that will truly increase your margins and rescue your time.   Over the last four decades, TheFitProfessional1 has developed and implemented proven and time-tested solutions to help you produce the results you are looking for.   We will not only problem solve today with precisely customized solutions, but we will also equip you to capitalize on tomorrow's opportunities.  Let’s get to work!

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