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Becoming TheFitProfessional1

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

As a CEO, I know what it's like to be a business owner and I know your problems.


I believe I am called at this point in my life and career to help organizations and individuals help themselves. To show as appropriate both organization and individuals the way to more margin and more time. I’ve turned around a variety of organizations including manufacturing, construction, mining, and logistics entities to margins that enable growth and operational innovation, not just sustainability. What you’ll benefit from is my unique ability to find what needs to be done and what to do about it. My passion and objective are to help you and your organization to learn and adapt to enable you to help yourself next time. I’m determined to make sure you increase your margin in a durable way and make sure you rescue lost time along the way. After all, there is that family time, kid’s game, bike ride, ski trip, workout, hobby, or activity you’ve been meaning to get after. Life is short they say, let’s get to work.

I am a fit professional and a student of optimal human performance in all things business and life. Through my career in business, I have realized my passion is that science is an art of business and how business through people creates and sustains margin; not just the margin on your financial statements, but also the off-book margin that creates stakeholder’s best lives.

I’ll find more margin and I’ll rescue your time TM

I’m the Margin Dr. TM

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