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Career & Life Coaching

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Individual Focus. Do you know where you’re going? Do you have your Why? How do you get this done and make it so it sticks and actually executes on a plan of action… wait, plan of action? For me? Yes. The value in eliminating most of your job through automation or process improvement makes you so valuable for your organizations, you'll move precisely where you desire to go. But first, commit to adding the right knowledge, the skills to apply them, and the discipline to product consistently. Or maybe you want effectiveness in the application of effort so you can simply get in the next training ride on your bike, or that 5-mile run, or your hour in the weight room or the pool? Maybe you find yourself in the years your kids have endless activities you'd like to catch. It’s more than your job, it’s your life. Everyone, including you, should pursue their best life. Are you? Let’s get to work.

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Entrepreneur Coaching

It’s different putting your own money on the line. Those that have not taken this step may not see the whole picture. I've been there and am there. My extensive experience and aligned perspective c


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