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Greg Haselwander - VP Sales and Marketing

Updated: Apr 16

..."I would recommend Paul to anyone looking to improve their skills and move their organization to a more durable and profitable future..."

Paul was effectively able to leverage his experiences, skills, and knowledge in subject areas I was in need of clarity and optimal application during the execution of various business initiatives I’ve been working on. The time together worked for me as a sounding board to better reflect on and analyze my alternative courses of action. Ultimately, I strongly believe working together created higher quality decisions in key areas of my business. This will enable me to execute my planned actions with more confidence and certainty as I grow my business. 

Additionally, the auxiliary and related suggested courses of action have a great potential for use in my future. I’ve increased the size of my business tool bag and with what I already knew, have an expanded understanding of how to effectively utilize them in my future. I would recommend Paul as a key resource advisor with broad and effective experience you can learn from and use in your career and organization. 


Additionally, Paul is a professional; he treated me with respect and effectively worked to understand my situation and business needs. He will be honest with you and take the high road. Sometimes he’ll tell you what you don’t want to hear. For me, he helped me realize I had work to do on some tough decisions regarding my business’s future opportunities. He helped me both emotionally and rationally consider my decisions. He provided alternatives for me to consider and laid out well-thought-out advice. He also suggested consideration of factors I wasn’t seeing.    

I didn’t do everything Paul suggested, but I learned from it. And many of those best practices could be implemented later in my company's future. I appreciated Paul’s approach and found when it was time to move forward on my own, Paul readily agreed to oblige; and better yet, I have a lifelong relationship I can count on. I believe it when Paul says, ‘I’m committed to your success.’ I would recommend Paul to anyone looking to improve their skills and move their organization to a more durable and profitable future.

Greg Haselwander

VP Sales and Marketing
Mikana Foods, Inc.

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Kevin Weaver

I'm a business owner, that has worked with Paul. A few words I would use to describe him are; honest, integrity, driven, and smart. Business in general is hard, especially starting out. Paul has graci

James Hanson, PE - Senior Engineer

"… His biggest strength is in the strategic planning, building, and execution of ideas which create profitable revenue streams…" When meeting Paul for the first time, the first thing you will notice i


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