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Henry Chidgey - Leadership Coach

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

"… you can expect out of working with Paul… to grow tremendously as a business leader, your company and your team will flourish, your financials - top and bottom line - will expand…"

I have now known Paul for almost three decades and as a result believe I am well equipped to share with you, the reader of this testimonial, his extraordinary skills. attributes and knowledge. Paul has mastery of operational metrics, business financials (P&L/Balance sheets), skills and competence with mergers and acquisitions, sales of companies, and transitioning family businesses from one generation to the next. In all my experience in companies large and small, public, and private, I have never come across anyone as gifted and knowledgeable as he is in understanding and communicating all the skills that go into having a business, whether it is selecting and getting the most value out of a Board of Directors or creating a process and implementing it to transform a Business Development Team. He is skilled and comfortable working with banks as well as negotiating with vendors and clients. Paul is a man who holds himself to extremely high ethical standards and self-discipline. He is a man of integrity; his words and actions are always in alignment. But most importantly, to you, the reader of my words here, what can you expect out of working with Paul? You will grow tremendously as a business leader, your company and team will flourish, your financials – top line and bottom line will expand (or as Paul sometimes says -They will Rock on!). You will have more results, more money, and more discretionary time. He is the most brilliant, practical business leader I have ever come across. I feel truly blessed to know him. You will experience that feeling as well.

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Greg Haselwander - VP Sales and Marketing

..."I would recommend Paul to anyone looking to improve their skills and move their organization to a more durable and profitable future..." Paul was effectively able to leverage his experiences, skil

Kevin Weaver

I'm a business owner, that has worked with Paul. A few words I would use to describe him are; honest, integrity, driven, and smart. Business in general is hard, especially starting out. Paul has graci


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