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Deconstructed Supply Chains

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

The evolution of information exchange and the advent of the new phenomena of artificial intelligence is going to impact you. I am going to keep all of this on my radar, should you? We are going to see massive changes in what our current supply chains are. The availability of information, even before AI, has started this unraveling. The value of your existing business relationships is threatened. Access to information ultimately is going to drive the value add of existing business relationships to zero.

What do you have planned for this?

Startups are accelerating, employees are opportunistic, insource and outsource questions are becoming more blurred and higher risk. Information exchange started busting up what we know. AI is going to take it at least one more step, if not miles, from where we are now. To wait and see is no longer an option. The concept of late adaptors is newly dangerous rather than risk adverse.

Sit with customers and vendors. Communicate. Work to understand the value you both get way beyond dollars. Focus on the utility gained for the end user. Be honest about your organization’s contribution to end user utility. Both up and down your supply chain. Look for opportunities to take the cost of the buy for your customer and the cost of the sell for you as close to zero as you can. Haggling for dimes is now dangerous. As you win your dime in the next negotiation, the organizations on the ball win dollars through proper adaption. This goes beyond today’s dollar. It’s survival to the next ‘technology’ thing. Which is sure to come.

Business fundamentals are just that. They tend to NOT change over time. Deconstruction of your business design is inevitable – it’s not if, it’s when. Scholars and successful organizations have talked about and analyzed this for decades. Maybe you should start the process? Here is a recent browse through my library. So rich. It was one credit on audible, I will have it listened to twice seven days from now. It’s an ‘old’ must read. Must read again. Skip it at your own risk. As with all older business books, just change the names of the war story companies to someone more recent and you have the update. It’s genius and shaped a lot of business success for me. I’d love to know what you think of it.


by Philip Evans (Author), Thomas S. Wurster (Author)

A gem from the HBS Press. As Evans and Wurster point out, information is the glue that holds all business together on some level, or at least one of many. A classic packed full of wisdom, you, like me, should dust this one off and give it a re-read. Thumbing through it I was pulled in at the incredible and ageless insight regarding strategic positioning, disruptive technologies, and what to do about it. And, I felt compelled to share this insight with all THEFITPROFESSIONAL1s! Enjoy.

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